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With all that is going on at Trinity, there are many opportunities to get involved. From the Youth Ministry to the Security Ministry. We welcome your involvement and passion.


Don't hesitate to reach out to any one of the leading ministers to get more information about our Ministries.

Men's Ministry

Trinity Christian Center men's ministry welcomes with open arms all men. We seek to build a platform for men at Trinity and build relationships outside of the church. Endeavoring to create an atmosphere for men to express their viewpoints and encourage others from there many life experiences...

Volunteer Groups

Create a passion for giving back. We need your help to serve our community. There are many opportunities to join us in feeding the homeless, clothing, food drives and more. 

Youth Ministry

Our youth department provides a comprehensive teaching course and programs that help young men and our young ladies not just at Trinity but in the community. With the different age groups, the staff mixes in-house teaching and also different events that promote servanthood and community outreach...

Women's Ministry

Many women are coming together on one accord to mend broken spirits and to bring in a spirit of healing not just for the spirit but for the whole woman. Coming together through conferences, classes and outreach opportunities it provides a safe haven for many women both local and abroad...

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